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LogoPicture Pump (c) 2000-2011 by Zmey Petroff
Welcome to
the Picture Pump Support Site!

I am glad you are interested in Picture Pump.

Please visit the about Picture Pump section for more information about the program.

Please visit the downloads page to obtain the latest version.

If you have any questions - visit the help section.

Project status

Please be informed that I have decided to suspend the Picture Pump project.

I have neither time nor desire to do any significant improvements. This does not mean that Picture Pump is abandoned completely, though. When I feel like it, I will fix and improve the program, but I give no guarantees.

Note that your donations are welcome and may increase my enthusiasm dramatically.


The latest version of the program is available for download on this site along with several older versions.

Interactive services, such as guestbook and Picture Pump Projects Exchange Areas (PPPExA), are not available anymore. Their value was not worth the trouble, so I have removed them.

Best regards - Zmey Petroff, the author.

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