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About the Picture Pump program

Want to get a collection of pictures from a Web-server? Let your browser have a rest then - Picture Pump is the program to perform massive downloads of graphic files from the Web.

General information

Picture Pump is aimed at fast automated downloading of graphic files from web sites. Unlike other similar programs, Picture Pump does not attempt to follow the links and download the site as a whole. Instead, it generates the addresses of web-pages (or pictures) using a counter. This simple yet efficient technique allows the program to retrieve entire "collections" of graphic files from almost any web server that has such "collections".

Picture Pump is a freeware program. Still, your donations are welcome, since they make further development of the program possible.

Program screenshot

Picture Pump: busily pumping pictures to hard disk...

Copyright notice and disclaimer
  1. This program is protected by copyright laws. All rights for the program belong to its author (that's me).
  2. Any commercial use of the program is prohibited.
  3. The author bears no responsibility for any financial or other losses that may arise as a result of use or misuse of this program.
  4. The author bears no responsibility for any bugs and errors in the program that may cause data loss.
  5. The author does not (and cannot) keep track of, and bears no responsibility for the contents of graphic files that are downloaded using Picture Pump project files not included into the distribution package.

If you do not agree with these statements, do not use Picture Pump.

Okay, let's begin... Lyrical introduction
Ye First Day.

Once upon a time there sat the Author in front of his monitor, drinking coffee (or tea, don't remember exactly), and downloading nice pictures from Internet. The pix came awfully slowly. Worse still, evil webmasters allowed to view them only one-by-one, and only after clicking on stupid banners.

And started Zmey thinking...

Ye Second Day.

And came into his head a bright thought: can't he open those pictures not one-by-one, but several at once, and without clicking on banners, but right away?

And drank he his coffee, and turned his sharp eyes to the address string of his browser. And saw he the following garbage (real addresses changed to irreal):

And entered he yon address into his browser, changing the last number to another one; and saw he a picture, and the picture was nice, and had he not clicked on any stupid banners.

Ye Third Day.

The joy went off, and became Zmey possessed by onerous thoughts. For entering address strings manually was too dull; and dull it was to click the pictures with the right mouse button, and to save them to the hard drive... Besides those troubles, refused the cunning browser to download more than two pictures simultaneously! And tried Zmey to use his proven Teleport Pro; but were in vain his efforts, for filled up Teleport his disk with thumbnails, banners and repellent ads, but didn't get any pictures...

Again started Zmey thinking...

Ye Fourth Day.

And decided Zmey to write the Program, and the Program should download pictures (like Teleport Pro does it), and it should change numbers in the address string automatically, and need it not save the pages where the pictures are placed, for nobody needs them pages when there are pictures.

And sat he down to write It.

Ye Fifth Day.


Ye Sixth Day.


Ye Seventh Day.


Ye Eighth Day.


Ye Nineth Day.


Ye ....teenth Day.


And was the Program useful, multithreaded, and flexible. And pumped It pictures fast; and wrote It to his hard disk of pictures 80 megasacks in two days. And decided Zmey that it is good, and hath made It freeware, and hath built a site for those who wanted It, so that they could download this Miracle and use It when they need It...

Picture Pump (technical information)

Picture Pump is a powerful automated picture files retriever. It has the following features:

  • Multithreaded design (up to five simultaneously working threads);
  • Flexible and easy-to-use configuration dialogues;
  • Ability to work through a proxy server;
  • It automatically detects sudden disconnections from the Internet;
  • It saves the current state and configuration in project files, and can then resume the download from the last saved point;
  • You can run several copies of the program at one time;
  • You can choose the language of the program's interface (English or Russian);
  • You can exclude certain pictures and/or HTML pages (e.g. banners and ads) from being downloaded;
  • Only pictures are saved to disk; pages that contain them are not saved (and you get more free space as result);
  • Size of the program is very small (about 200 Kbytes - ridiculously small compared to modern fat-dripping applications);
  • The program needs no external modules and/or libraries to run properly (except standard libraries that are part of the operating system);
  • It need not be installed into system to run properly;
  • It's free!
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • 16 Mb RAM (the more the better - as usual).
  • Connection to the Internet (via a modem or a local area network).
  • Some free space on your disks to store pictures. :)
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