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Picture Pump Download Page

You can download either an installer package, or a zip archive. Installer package is a normal setup executable that will install Picture Pump in your system (uninstaller is provided, too). Zip archive is a package that requires no installation or de-installation: just unpack it and run 'PicPump.exe'.

Important note: if you chose to download zip archive, please unpack it retaining the directory structure! Otherwise you will not be able to view built-in help or switch languages.

Picture Pump 1.9.2 (latest)

Download installer/uninstaller package (550 Kb)

This is the latest version.

Mostly bugfix version:

  1. Fixed bug with proxy requests that was introduced in previous version.
  2. Other bugs fixes.

Most changes are under the hood. Nothing has been changed in the interface.

Picture Pump 1.9.1

Download installer/uninstaller package (369 Kb)

Download distribution package in a zip archive (363 Kb)

Changes from the previous versions:

  1. Fixed email addresses and links to the site.
  2. Help system converted to more up-to-date CHM format (so no problems viewing help under Windows Vista).
  3. Built-in Ukrainian locale.
  4. Added option to restore server's directory structure.
  5. Minor GUI redesign.
  6. The source code has been slightly refactored.
Picture Pump 1.8

Download installer package (298 Kb)

Picture Pump 1.7

Download installer package (300 Kb)

Picture Pump 1.6

Download installer package (287 Kb)

Picture Pump 1.5

Download zip archive (122 Kb)

The look of the main window changes in this version. Supports server and proxy authentication.

Picture Pump 1.4 (obsolete)

Download zip archive (76 Kb)

Very old version indeed. Do not use for any real purposes.

Picture Pump 1.3a (obsolete)

Download zip archive (68 Kb)

"Fixed" version 1.3. Do not ask me what was fixed - I do not remember.

Picture Pump 1.3 (obsolete)

Download zip archive (72 Kb)

Picture Pump 1.2 (obsolete)

Download zip archive (66 Kb)

Picture Pump 1.1 (obsolete)

Download zip archive (61 Kb)

Picture Pump 1.0 (ancient)

Download zip archive (60 Kb)

The very first publicly released version. Has lots of amusing bugs and looks kind of... er... ancient.

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